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Founded in 1993, ScImage provides enterprise image and PACS solutions for the healthcare industry. ScImage business prides itself, not on rapid expansion, but on building customer loyalty, growing organically and ensuring quality in their product.

They aim to provide a quality imaging platform that serves the healthcare professional in all the needs they require, to help ensure quick, effective diagnosis and improved patient outcomes. This technology can be provided on any scale, from GP practises to multi-hospital enterprises, and from on-premise only technology, to Cloud and Hybrid options.

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They are a business that deeply values collaboration, and work with partners to provide opportunities to deliver this technology throughout the healthcare sector.

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A privately driven company, ScImage builds their products around four major factors:

Firstly, they ensure that the product and imaging system is secure to ensure patient and healthcare professional privacy. Secondly, ScImage aims to deliver a comprehensive product that can be used for all specialities within the healthcare sector.

They aim to provide flexible usage, enabling surgeons to use the technology anywhere at any time, and lastly, they strive to provide a scalable product, providing capabilities ranging from a single physician practise to a major hospital system.

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With technology becoming an ever-important part of the medical industry, ScImage aims to positively maintain a strong business model, self-financing all operations while utilising a “one customer at a time principle,” to ensure they deal with customers quickly and efficiently. Their focus on relationships with their partners is a constantly evolving one, to meet their ever-changing needs.

They focus being part of a process that helps saves lives. That process can only be successful through collaboration.

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Device Technologies is delighted to partner with a like-minded team that values collaboration, and share ScImage’s determination to bring pioneering imaging solutions to market.