Who We Are

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enhancing patient outcomes from consult to recovery

Since 1992, Device Technologies has been dedicated to improving patients lives through leading edge technology and services.

Successfully supplying hospitals and healthcare professionals with the finest medical solutions for their patients, Device Technologies continues to grow, with over 200 trusted brands and 1000 highly skilled staff across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Leading the way in the medical technology field, Device Technologies provides the highest calibre of medical supplies – with innovation and client care at the core of its values. All products distributed by Device Technologies are compliant with quality regulatory requirements, with in-servicing and ongoing support provided as part of the trusted partnership between Device Technologies staff and healthcare professionals.

our values

Here at Device Technologies, our values are linked to four key areas of our business: Innovation, Collaboration, Ownership, and Good Business.

Foremost, we support innovation and ingenuity, and we believe that by collaborating with the best in the business, we can deliver the finest technologies and results. We believe that good business relies on intuition and precision, and we back every decision with 100% ownership and support.

Delivering Innovation

We believe in Innovation.
We reward fresh thinking. Great ideas can come from anywhere. We get that. That’s why we make sure the best ideas are noticed in our business, and the people who have them are given full credit, as well as support to make them happen.

Seeking Collaboration

We believe in collaboration. From a colleague making a sale to a customer saving lives, we are driven to help others because their victories give us satisfaction. We are big on pooling knowledge. We seek advice and always share lessons we have learned.

Taking Ownership

We believe in ownership. We give each other the tools, guidance and support needed to get the job done. Responsibility is in the hands of individuals, and we trust everyone to ask for help whenever needed.

Practising Good Business

We believe in good business. There is room for gut instinct in business. Our success is founded on a healthy mix of intuition and rigour. The best environment to bring these two opposing forces together is one where nobody is afraid to make mistakes or speak their mind.

community initiatives

Device Technologies is dedicated to the provision of good healthcare for everyone and supports numerous charitable organisations in their efforts to deliver a better life to those in need.